The restoration team working on the Umayyad Mosque after the major parts of it were destroyed by the Great Fire of 1893

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The fire was caused by a Syrian laborer working on reparation of the mosque in 1893. Enjoying the scenery from its rooftop, he set up a Turkish pipe (hookah) during his lunch break. A burning coal fell on the wooden roof, and spread throughout the mosque, causing a fire that lasted for two and a half hours. In 1896, the Ottoman Governor Nazem Pasha created a Reparation Committee headed by the city notable Ahmad Pasha al-Chamaa, an advisor to Sultan Abdulhamid II and Abdul Rahman Pasha al-Yusuf, emir of the Damascus Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. A sub-committee was created for restoration, chaired by Mohammad Fawzi Pasha al-Azm, head of the Damascus Municipality, and the Mufti of Damascus Sheikh Mohammad al-Mnini. Restoration of the Umayyad Mosque was completed in 1901. Seated in the front row of the picture are the Mufti and the governor, Nazem Pasha.